May 2021 update: Three little pigs and The Titanic

New books

First up are books that haven’t been mentioned in any comments until this month. These are either recent releases or obscure books experiencing a revival.

Top books

The overall top books this month are similar to last month’s:

There are some more interesting books in the top 20 this month though, here’s a curated selection:

There’s been a big uptick in mentions for Why We Sleep, from a variety of users across a variety of subreddits. The Israel-Palestine conflict has spurred mentions for The ethnic cleansing of Palestine, while ongoing discussions about democratision of the stock market lead to increased awareness of financial planning books.

New subreddits

There were 9 new subreddits added to the redditreads database in May. These aren’t new on reddit, rather they only now exceeded the threshold for statistically significant results:

r/nostalgia stirs up some fond memories: