About reddit reads

Data Processing

Book mentions are found by checking every reddit comment for links to Amazon, Goodreads, Google Books, and O'Rielly Media. Non-link mentions are too tricky to parse in an unbiased way: books with short, simple titles like The Road get massively under- or over-counted.

I try to combine cases where the same book has multiple ISBNs with slightly different titles or editions.

When a user mentions the same book multiple times in the same subreddit, I only count the top-voted comment. This curbs users shilling a particular book, and gives a more representative feel for an entire subreddit.


Reddit Reads is a Flask app backed by SQLite and fronted by Nginx.


redditreads.com uses a number of third party services to run and improve the website:

Except as listed above, Reddit Reads doesn't share or sell your information.

Amazon affiliate links are used for most books. These help fund this site, and don't impact how books are ranked.


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