September 2022 update: Wetherspoons and managed IT services

I’m going to continue the trend from the August update and highlight some interesting communities that were added this month.

r/CasualUK offers up a real slice of UK life: a pair of nasty cookbooks, glorious pub carpets, and boomer humour books (most commonly used as toilet reading material):

r/JapaneseFood delayed the release of this blog post, I had to go get ramen for lunch before continuing:

I was introduced to the Mandela Effect through the excellent TV show How To with John Wilson. I’m not surprised r/MandelaEffect exists to discuss events that large numbers of people remember incorrectly. I’m more surprised about the books mentioned in the community: a report comparing two low-cost UK airlines, and a Gordon Ramsey self-help book? Presumably these relate to specific Mandela Effect events, but my patience for research conspiracy theories ends with this sentence.

r/msp -> Managed [IT] Service Providers


r/ultrarunning, about running extreme (marathon+) distances:

And finally r/UXDesign featuring some cool cover designs!