August 2022 update: Your inner fish and microdosing

As well as processing new comments this week, I went back and re-ingested all comments from the last year. Occasionally comments aren’t correctly processed the first time around (due to rate limiting or programming bugs) and get skipped. As a result of adding these new comments to the redditreads database, this month there are 44 new subreddits in the dataset!

So for the August update, instead of giving a roundup of reddit erotica, I’m highlighting some of the more interesting new communities recommending books on reddit.

r/DebateEvolution discusses evolution:

r/homeowners features DIY books for maintaining a house. I’ve actually read How Your House Works despite not owning a house: it’s pretty interesting just from an engineering perspective!

The r/houston subreddit features some dark books:

r/lostgeneration is a group along the lines if antiwork and ABoringDystopia:

r/microdosing doesn’t have any books specifically about microdosing, but rather psychedelics in general:

r/portugal features some r/all classics plus some books I’ve not seen in analysis before

r/QAnonCasualties discusses reasoning with people who have been sucked into conspiracies:

r/ramen features a really diverse set of books for such a nice topic: a prose/photo heavy book, a colouring book, and a comic book! Plus the cover for Ramen obsession is gorgeous!

r/trans features mostly guides and self-help…

…while r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns are more about their novels: