October 2021 update: Ice hockey and Theranos

I’m a bit late this month sorry! Here’s the analysis of books shared on reddit in October 2021.

Newly tracked books

First up is books that were shared on reddit for the first time in October. These are usually new releases, though sometimes old books making a revival are featured.

I guess ice hockey season is underway as there are not one but two hockey-themed gay erotica novels making this month's list.

Top books

No surprises in this month’s top books:

There are some more interesting books outside this month’s top six: here’s a few that caught my eye.

The Fuck Off Book by all accounts seems to be a terrible book but is being used as a meme right now over on r/Tinder due to it's title. I'll also repeat last months plug for Bad Blood, so good!

New subreddits

Only 4 new subreddits this month: