Mar 2021 update: the Suez canal and romance

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New books

First up are books that haven’t been mentioned in any comments until this month. These are either recent releases or obscure books experiencing a revival.

I wasn’t able to get comments for every day in March so the numbers are a bit lower than usual. Eventually I’ll re-ingest the missing data.

Strange mix this month: the top spot is shared by a German-language children’s book about Covid as well as a NY Times mystery paperback.

Top books

The overall top books this month are pretty similar to the top books of this 2020:

There are some more interesting books in the top 20 this month though, here’s a curated selection:

Before I started this project I might have been surprised to see erotic fiction based on current events in the shipping industry.

New subreddits

There were 6 new subreddits added to the redditreads database in March. These aren’t new on reddit, rather they only now exceeded the threshold for statistically significant results: