Feb 2021 update: self-help and sci-fi

I’m starting a regular monthly update highlighting new books on reddit!

New books

First up are books that haven’t been mentioned in any comments until this month. These are either recent releases or obscure books experiencing a resurgence.

An upcoming D&D sourcebook takes the top spot, followed be a couple of books related to recent events in US politics. The sudden popularity of Tamsyn Muir’s Princess Floralinda is a little puzzling as it was released a few months ago and by most accounts is an excellent book. And finally the mentions More than a Bargain come from a redditor posting a description of the book on multiple subreddits looking for the title, in the future I might try to deduplicate these sorts of mentions.

Top books

These are the books mentioned by the most users this month.

February’s list mostly mirrors the top books of 2020: a mix of self-help, sci-fi, and politics.

New subreddits

There’s 7 new subreddits in the redditreads database this month. These aren’t new on reddit, rather they only now exceeded the threshold for statistically significant results: