February 2023 update: Tennis technique and Norse mythology

February comments are now live, and there are nine new subreddits in the dataset!

Reddit Reads tracks a number of parenting subreddits (23 at time of writing!) and they all have surprisingly different book recommendations. I guess there’s just a lot of parenting books out there. Compare the newly-added r/AskParents (below) to some previous new subreddits like r/ScienceBasedParenting and r/NewParents.

The r/FIRE subreddit is about early retirement though aggressive saving and minimisation of lifestyle costs. The books mentioned in the group’s comments seem to embrace the income and investment side of the philosophy, rather than the minimalist lifestyle and work-to-live ideals.

r/Professors is a virtual staffroom for university professors. The books mostly focus on improving teaching skills! Though a tome of libertarian drivel managed to squeeze in there at the end.

r/tennis features a mix of biographies, technique guides, and Norse mythology:

The full list of new groups on Reddit Reads is: