September 2021 update: Aliens and sapiens

It’s October already! Time for the analysis of books posted to reddit on September.

New books

As always, we’ll kick things off with books that were seen for the first time last month. These might be new releases, or newly-relevant older books.

There's a book about America's involvement in Afghanistan, some surreal/fantasy erotica, and some conspiracy drivel about brainwashing kids through public education. Pretty typical roundup of reddit books!

Also, I love the cover for Moon Knight.

Top books

There’s the usual suspects in the top books this month:

There are some more interesting books outside this month’s top six: here’s a few that caught my eye.

Bad Blood is a fantastic book! The trial of the book's main subject began a few weeks ago, I think it's time for a re-read!

New subreddits

There were 11 new subreddits added to the database in September. These aren’t always new reddit communities, rather they only now exceeded the threshold for statistically significant results:

Wondering hat HighStrangeness is? Hope this clears things up: