March 2023 update

It’s time for another roundup of Reddit’s book data!

March comments have been processed: there are six more subreddits now with enough data to be included in

I spent a bit of time this arvo on r/blogsnark and I’m still not entirely sure what it’s about. The subreddit’s tagline describes it as a place to “snark on your favorite bloggers, influencers and everything else on the internet”: meta-commentary about millennial influencer/blog culture. The posters are justifiably critical of the influencer corner of the internet, yet are also very knowledgeable about what goes on there.

The books recommended are varied and interesting! Enough is a biography/essays by a reformed food-blog influencer: the author’s book Gluten-Free Girl also makes the list!

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes are stories from a women who worked at a crematorium.

And as luck would have it, I read Get Your House Right a few weeks ago, before seeing this analysis! You get what’s on the tin: an overview and opinionated guide to architectural details of residential buildings (aka homes). Gorgeously illustrated, I was offput by the singular fixation on non-contemporary East Coast US style, and found it overly focussed on trims and frill.

I was expecting r/CollegeBasketball to be focused around the game, but the books reflect the subreddit’s focus on the drama of the league:

r/northernireland is the latest country subreddit added to the datase.

And finally r/Svenska covers learning the Swedish language

That’s it! On a sadder note: thanks to the proliferation of AI models like ChatGPT, reddit no longer allows the downloading of the data. As a result, this is probably the last update post for reddit reads.

I might do a couple more posts diving into specific facets of the dataset, but also I’ve said that before and here we are, without any such posts.

I’ve had a blast running reddit reads over the last ~5 years! So long and thanks for all the fish.