July 2021 update: Lego and veganism

New books

First up are books that haven’t been mentioned in any comments until this month. These are either recent releases or obscure books experiencing a revival.

We're about 6 months after the end of Trump's presidency in the US, so it makes sense to see some books around that topic. There's a couple of paperback fiction novels, and (true to form) a M-M romance novel.

Top books

The overall top books this month are the usual suspects with the addition of a book about the economic and social impacts of covid:

There are some more interesting books in the top 20 this month though, here’s a curated selection:

Brick by Brick is about the LEGO company, I added it to my reading list. Project Hail Mary is a novel from the author of The Martian, and has good reviews on Goodreads.

New subreddits

There were 12 new subreddits added to the redditreads database in July, the most ever! These aren’t new on reddit, rather they only now exceeded the threshold for statistically significant results:

r/DebateAVegan is r/vegan minus r/veganrecipes