January 2023 update: Code name Renegade

There were only six new communities added to the Reddit Reads dataset this month.

r/FanFiction is a subreddit for writers of fan fiction. There’s some overlap in recommended books with r/writing, but perhaps more of a character focus, and less of a technical one.

I can’t let Hope Never Dies go unmentioned:

when his favorite Amtrak conductor dies in a suspicious accident, Joe feels a familiar desire to serve - and he leap into the role of amateur sleuth, with a little help from his old friend President Barack Obama (code name: Renegade)

nor this review:

there were points in the book where I was like, "Obama/Biden would never say/do/act like that" but then I would shake it off and just keep on keeping on


Also, someone give this cover designer a raise.

The big non-book focused subreddits make for interesting recommendations, and r/nextfuckinglevel is no exception. I can hardly say a few dozen comments are representative of a community with 8 million members, but the list is interesting regardless!

God Of Bug Eater deserves special mention: it’s a pocket-sized flipbook that “tracks a jewelled scarab as it burrows its way through the pages, carving out an entity of the earth which in turn rises to ingest the insect itself”.

And to round things off: the top books mentioned this month, excluding the books that are top-mentioned every month: