December 2022 update: Swedish cakes and cookies and Christmas romance

December 2022 saw a dozen new communities added to the Reddit Reads dataset.

r/crappyDesign highlights unfortunate design flops and mishaps. It’s a big subreddit that’s more about sharing images than discussion, which is a recipe for interesting book suggestions.

There’s a huge range of mental support communities on reddit, and new this month is r/GriefSupport

I love subreddits targeted to industry professionals: they give a insider’s look into unfamiliar domains. r/InteriorDesign is one of those communities.

Emily Oster might be the best-known proponent of research-based parenting, but /r/ScienceBasedParenting offers some alternatives:

r/sweden is the latest country-based subreddit to join the ranks:

Finally, some of the more interesting books popular this month, in all subreddits: