December 2021 update: Santa's Speedo and the Philosopher's Stane

I just added the last comment data for the year! So here’s a look at the books mentioned on reddit in December 2021.

New books

To get started, here are the books that are new in the Reddit Reads dataset. Most of these are recently-published books, though sometimes we see old books that have just never been mentioned on reddit before.

In keeping with tradition, a gay romance novel is the most mentioned book on reddit in December 2021.

And of course we've got a few Christmas-themed romance novels this December: The Mistletoe Motive ("He loathes the holidays. She loves them.") and The Naughty List ("Santa... in a Speedo").

Overall Top books

Reddit’s most-mentioned books don’t change much month-to-month, and November is no exception:

There are some more interesting books outside this month’s top six: here’s a few that caught my eye.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stane is the Scots language version of the first Harry Potter novel. Though released in 2018, it's been doing the rounds in r/harrypotter this month. From the back cover:

"Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, o nummer fower, Privet Loan, were prood tae say that they were gey normal, thank ye awfie muckle. They were the lest fowk ye wid jalouse wid be taigled up wi onythin unco or ferlie, because they jist widnae hae onythin tae dae wi joukery packery like yon."

New subreddits

December sees 3 new subreddits added: these communities may have been around for a while, but only now have enough book mentions to be recorded.

r/declutter has a number of books beyond Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:


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